Spooktober, 22, Day 30: The Witching Hour (Podcast) With Bailey Jo Josie

Alright, beasties. It’s that spooky time of year again. For this edition of Spooktober, I’m going to do a post a day but, like a great haul after trick or treating, I’m hoping to mix it up and deliver some surprises. There’ll be reviews, new or old, seen/unseen, TV or film. Depending on my wicked mood, lists, audio, or video may also exist. I hope you’ll enjoy it and remember: stay spooky.

For the Go, On, Scare Me I decided to invite my good friend, writer/editor Bailey Jo Josie to discuss all things Witchy! After recording, a couple films I meant to discuss popped into my head- Rosemary’s Baby and The Wretched (as we had predicted). We mention a lot of movies/shows so I’m sure there are many more! Happy to report Bailey Jo was right about Black Sunday too!

Have a listen here!

I did a poll regarding people’s favorite witches on Twitter, and Suspiria won (though I’m not sure if it’s the OG or remakes) but there was also some additional, wonderful write-in love for Practical Magic, Teen Witch and You Won’t Be Alone (a movie I loved from last year).

What is your favorite witch movie? And who is your favorite witch? Let me know in the comments!

Call for stories!

With my newest…what I’m calling my “return to my normalcy” episode of the Go, On, Scare, Me Podcast, I’ve decided to expand from the initial plan.

I had intended to make this a Spider 🕷 filled episode, but I’m disappointed there isn’t more to dive into! That isn’t to say I won’t, because I definitely will, but why limit it to one creepy crawly when there are so many to choose from? So, I’m casting a bigger web 😏.

Are you afraid of spiders? Bugs? Insects? A specific little beastie? Please drop me a line below, with whatever your comfortable with, to include on my recording. Tell us your fear, experiences, if that translates to films/tv, and anything you else you would like to include! If you’d like to leave a voice message to be included click here.

It’s been some time, but I’m excited to return to my level of weird normalcy. 🙂 I’m also going to include some of an interview I did (last year 🥺) with a professor of Psychology. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

Coming soon! 🕷 🐜🐝🕸