Weekly Watch Recs

There is so much content out there! Any ideas?

Well, naturally we all have different tastes, but I figure I’ll throw out a few suggestions each week, just in case one strikes your fancy. 🙂

Nomadland (ChloĂ© Zhao) Uniquely beautiful, incredibly moving; Nomadland is a film that needs to be seen or rather, experienced, to understand its power. Frances McDormand is just as wonderful as she always is, giving one of her best in a powerful, yet quiet, performance. This is easily one of the best films of 2020 and, hey, it was released on Hulu last month! I’m not going to stop hyping this one.

Wandavision Yeah, I am an MCU fan, and this limited series just wrapped. Best time to binge! It’s really one of the most interesting things to come out of Marvel recently, and a great place to start Phase 4. There’s a weirdness that’s lovely, and Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are both incredible, enriching these characters and their relationship, that hadn’t previously gotten their due on screen. It also packs some surprising emotional punches, especially with Olsen as a woman grieving. On Disney+ (of course).

The Stylist (Jill Gevargizian) I reviewed this one over on Film Inquiry and I absolutely adored it. It’s a horror/thriller about a young hair stylist who is also a blossoming serial killer, and who craves connection. It features terrific performances and a lead (Najarra Townsend) who you can really sympathize with. It’s on Shudder!

Happy watching! And if you do- tell me your thoughts!


Welcome to my site, all you wonderful people.
This is a new adventure that’s been a long time in the making, especially finding a home in my heart when I first created my podcast: Go On, Scare Me. I’m really excited to share it. I hope you will all enjoy the content, and feel obliged to comment/share and make this a community of the joyfully strange.
While many of you know me as Editor in Chief and critic of a delightful site called Film Inquiry, this is more personal and more integrated beyond Film and TV (though, I will continue to highlight those) and it allows me to interact on a more intimate level. There is so much to discuss in a life and world so illustrious and brimming with talent, art, and genuinely weird things!

Thank you all for taking your time- you’re all unique and appreciated. 💜